Business Relationships

Written by Kande Murray on May 03rd 2022

You have to be able to know the difference between a Business Partner and an employee.

If you try to treat a Business Partner like an employee it would not work out as they would move on to another Profitable Business Deal upon realisation that you are not willing to Build a Team but just focused on your own Empire. Nothing is wrong with wanting to get ahead but you have to Honour Relationships in doing so.

Employees carry out tasks and make up hours so that they can get a Salary to take home to their household.

Business Partners Build your Business together with you, hand and foot as if it were their own, investing in and applying new ideas, Marketing Strategies, Raising Standards, Pinpointing Financial Details and Sourcing Information that can Elevate your Brand among other things.

Business Partners are not Paid like Employees, yet their Compensation is Greater. We have to know and Understand these things.

You Manage and for some, Micromanage an Employee, dependent on the individual. However, with a Business Partner you Consult, Reference, Introduce Projects and Ideas with the expectancy of them to work WITH you more than For you. So the level of Expectancy is Higher for both Parties.

It is important to know where we stand as Businessmen and Women. Knowing and Honouring Relationships can enhance your Productivity, and Excel your Business and Brand.

Some of us want to make it on our own so bad that we shun and neglect the Persons the Lord has connected us to for Business Purposes and Self-development.

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