Thank you for this Road Lord 

Written by Kande Murray on December 16th 2021

Thank you Lord for the guidance through unknown territory as we thread this road

Thank you for those we had to leave behind as we enter this leg of the road as their stride was not fast enough to keep up

Thank you for the ones who came along with us even as we picked up the pace unknowingly

Thank you for the surprises planted along the way that gave encouragement when the road began to appear dismal

Thank you for the hills and obstacles that made the road much more interesting and daring reinforcing our God given strategic planning

Thank you for the valleys, holes and uneven segments that we stumbled upon in error, teaching us to be prepared for anything at anytime

Thank you for preparing the paths of the road ahead that we may not arrive at in years to come

Thank you for the times we stopped abruptly but did not turn back

Thank you for the light you provided when it was too dark to see ahead

Thank you for the road Lord, allowing us to learn the route so that we can show others the way when they are lost.

Glory to God !

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