New Leadership

written by Kande Murray on May 06th 2022

What we can Accomplish and How Far we can be taken has a lot to do with whose Authority we are under. Everything we are today is because of something we learnt from someone, which is why giving credit where it is due regarding our abilities is something we ought not to forget.

Structure defines Success. Everyone has to answer and submit to Someone, on every level in Spirituality, Business and Life on the Whole. 

When the Lord adds Leaders and Mentors it means he wants to retrain us for a Different Position or Function or widen our Scopes and abilities. This stands if you get a new Boss or Business Mentor, a new Spiritual Leader, a New Coach, Teacher etc. It doesn’t mean that you would not still have foundation information previously thought, but you would definitely have acquired additional resources in order for you to propel into new areas, understanding them as you indulge.

New Structure reaps New results, and adaptability is very important because whether we go up or down we have to be able to maneuver the current circumstance to stay afloat.

We can reap results in every area of our lives once we are able to Strategize under different circumstances, but we can reach nowhere if we are not willing to learn and grow as change progresses.

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