I knew I was not alone

Written by Kande Murray on May 23rd 2022

When I mustered up the courage to Present my Business Contract to my Spouse, after acknowledging the loopholes in the past regarding verbal agreements that oftentimes blew away with the wind.

I was led to enhance the Terms and Conditions of my Business and Services and return to the Corporate table.

Altering things that I would normally let slide, Invoices I won’t care if are paid or not, revamping it all and going through every detail with a fine “tooth comb”.

Securing my end of the Bargain, yet ensuring that everyone gets a fair deal.

Even the objection that I held my head through, keeping quiet after verbally going through every section in detail.

There was no agreement, not even Partial. 

I am not even sure if agreeing to disagree was still a thing.

Yet, as the heading read, I knew I was not alone because I have never been more at Peace, at least in recent times. The last few weeks have been very crazy for me.

I have mastered the art of switching from Corporate to Personal and back but at the same time it is hard to Function in a Corporate environment when the other party wants to be petty and personal. 

Business is Business and we really cannot run it without a Senior Consultant, so I am glad that I am not alone.

Even now, I would seek Guidance as I remain Poised and Proceed along my Professional Purpose.

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