Happy Holy Week

This week most Christians observe the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In so doing let’s all be reminded that if we are in likeness of his death then we also Rise in likeness of his Resurrection !

Not physically but Spiritually things and Circumstances that we thought were dead would arise if we position ourselves and allow the Lord’s Grace to work in those areas and aspects that we desire. There is no better time to lift these things before God whilst making our plea clear and meaningful. Also, there has to be a Sacrifice, just as Jesus was the Sacrifice for that hour. So ask yourself what have I Sacrificed in front of my Lord and Savior which makes me worthy to move onwards and upwards in whatever area you are trusting God for.

Stay tuned for New Content in the upcoming weeks and months as we work together in Building up each other’s Visions remembering that a “Dream” is a Vision that is yet to be Manifested so keep it moving and Manifesting !

Blessings !

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