Are you Resilient?

Written by Kande Murray on June 13th 2020

We are all required to be resilient at some point in life, some for their entire lives, it is called survival skills. Having a strong personality and being resilient are two similar things, and they compliment each other.

Resilience allows you to stand up in any situation and under any circumstance.

Having a strong personality may provoke those who are accustomed to meeting “walkovers”, and docile personalities, and in some environments they can easily be misunderstood.

The resilient set of society are supposed to defend the weaker ones and reach out to them as often as possible in our attempt to be our brothers keepers.

Humility can also be mistaken for weakness, and also kindness can be seen as weakness although wisdom lies within.

Being quiet is not always a sign of weakness and emptiness, but of wisdom and discipline. The most quiet ones are the ones filled with the most amount of wisdom but choose to reserve themselves due to personality choices or simply awaiting the necessary moments to uncover their skill set.

There is an old saying that the empty vessels make the most noise, this concept I am sure derived from someone trying to express the value of a quiet and wise tongue.

Sometimes it is advisable to reserve yourself, but other times it is advisable to be bold, especially if persons are counting on you to do so.

Resilience is not running off at your every point of objection that you face, but rather standing by whatever is your choice. We are all entitled to do this.

Resilience is not an open display of instability, as we all know a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. This is even written in scripture and it remains.

James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Being steadfast is a display of Resilience, and we aren’t all going to be, which is why those of us that are not, it is not necessary to put yourself on public display. Although if you are, you should not remain quiet or run off just at the point of objection when everyone is awaiting your reply.

Stand up for your motive, your views, and represent your brand along with those whom you “represent”.

God Bless you !

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