God the Creator

Ordains Leaders and Parents

Written by Kande Murray on June 13th 2020

Even those in the worst state of non belief know that the Lord is the creator of us all and we as parents are just the vessels he appoints to nurture the lives into the world.

So it will be an ignorant act as man to call yourself a creator especially when referring to life. This will just allow others to see that you are not only naïve, but also prideful, believing that you are able to do what the Lord only can do.

Hearing things like this allows me to know the mindset of some “so called leaders” set in our midst, and also how important my role is as a Christian Leader and Speaker in society, to shed light and edify when necessary.

It is really nice to see so many among us willing to coach the next generation, but we have to take a few moments and self check ensuring we are setting values that will elevate the next generation, and not just spread propaganda onto them causing destruction in the long run.

Good foundations of Leadership are set on moral standards, wisdom and guidance from above.

Leaders are also required to be humble and PEOPLE ORIENTED. The audience has to be at heart otherwise you will be in it for your personal gain only. How can you bring out the best in someone when you are only concerned about your wages. Is it a job or a passion for people? because this is very critical and will also determine if people will come to you in the first place. If you are not sincere and made a public show about wanting money for coaching then they will seek coaching where it is free and will instead be genuine, at Ministry related youth support. This is also why our role in society is so vital, although some do not understand fully our functions.

People are gold in our eyes, and wanting the best for everyone is where our heart lies so we will speak out upon seeing nonsense, especially geared towards destroying the next generation, attempting to plant seeds of selfishness and separation in the midst of where there should be unity and togetherness.

Being a Leader also requires you to be able to withstand public persecution and crucifixion, which if you cannot stand up to you are not ready for the call of Leadership Duty.

Leaders are strong and able to withstand being accountable for their values publicly and also able to stand against all other odds where people are concerned.

We as Leaders have the prerogative to speak out on any public platform in efforts to suppress the negative aspect at hand, and we ought to be doing so selflessly.

I personally did not wake up one morning and appoint myself a leader, I was chosen by the Lord to represent his people, and chosen for no other reason than my humility and heart.

The success of the next generation is vital and let’s not play games with this.

I give God the Glory !

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