Blood Covenant

Holy Matrimony

Written by Kande Murray on June 10th 2020
Years ago I never understood the word “Marriage” to the fullest, nor did I even know it was a Blood Covenant that can only be ordained by the Holy Spirit through the direction from our Spiritual parents. I knew it was a soul tie but did not fully understand what was a soul tie.

I remember thinking that two people that like each other can just exchange rings and vows in front of some witnesses, make it legal or maybe not even so…and then that’s it, it is all over !

Maybe I am not the only person that taught so which is why the divorce/separation rate is so high nowadays. Just saying !

No longer basking in such ignorance, I can now share a bit on Marriage from a new perspective, as I now have the understanding of the Spiritual aspect to it.

A marriage ceremony is for traditional purposes and finalizing the bond, but once proper Pastoral Guidance and Spiritual Direction is adhered to, in the preparation of two persons joining their spirits into one this is done over a period of time, which means you can be married before the Hooray of the Wedding day itself.

This spiritual preparation into a Marital, Blood Covenant is actually just as important as the vows on your wedding day.

Such a spiritual tie can allow you to communicate in the spirit and this is a special union that cannot be put into words, but if you ask my opinion, I will say it is definitely worth more than the Ring or the cost of the entire Wedding.

Also, the Love of God, which is at the center of every proper marriage will allow patience as I am sure we all heard the term ”Love is Patient, and Love is Kind”. This is why marriage cannot be entered into without the Patience walk, as having passed through this, you will now have the endurance for situations that will require patience.

The Holy Spirit being at the Center of the Covenant is what allows the Spirit Communication and Counsel when necessary, and keeps the fire burning in trying times and throughout.

It is not possible to be married without Spiritual Guidance and Pastoral Covering.

It will not be listed as a BLOOD COVENANT, which includes CHRIST, nor can it be called HOLY MATRIMONY, without the HOLY SPIRIT.

Also it is important to note that all the Covenant Rules of a Marriage like a wife being in subjection to her husband always and the list of others, is very sacred and two persons living in sin with no Spiritual direction will not enjoy the comforts and privileges of true Marriage no matter what.

There is no shortcut into marriage. The right way is the only way.

God Bless all the couples out there. You are awesome, but do what is right.

Remember good things come to those who wait !!!

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