Set up for success

Which Hamburger Stand are you?

Written by Kande Murray on June 09th 2020

Some years ago, somewhere around 2007, at a General Staff Meeting, which was a round table for discussion and training which was held once a month at an International Establishment where I was employed. We were taught the “Hamburger Stand Theory”.

One of the main reasons this theory stayed with me over the years was the role play which was demonstrated whilst we were receiving the coaching. 

We were all an interactive part of the role play which was basically two Hamburger Stands that were set up to sell, one was equipped with all the items ready for sale to the public, whilst the other vendor came with their items but was not set up and fumbling to pull out items from boxes and bags in mere disorganisation in front of the customers who went to this stall first, so they left in frustration and went to the other stall and purchased there.

Moral of the story is if you do not set up for Success you won’t Succeed !

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