Written by Kande Murray on 15th June 2020

When you are good at what you do, you have to be mindful of the immature set of society, who  will compliment your work today and then criticize tomorrow, and those you have helped even working closely with, having been exposed to your capabilities, they tend to be the ones first in line. Then there are the ones, who watch from a distance and try to find faults where there are none to comfort themselves and excite their cleakes.

Being a new Entrepreneur, I have also learnt that as long as you are providing specials and “free of charge”, work you are the best, but from the time you mention dollars the scope of conversation and entire modus operandi changes, for those who did not intend to or cannot support your brand. We have to understand that we are all in business for a profit at some point, although some are only in it for this and do not really like what they do nor dealing with people. I cannot account for this set.

A mediator, which is the middle man of a plying trade and a customer/client is not at liberty to critique especially if that which they are trying to place under scrutiny does not align with their particular skill set. 

It is appalling for someone to ask you to train them with your skills and then moments later, they have the most to say after being given the requirement of a fee to complete the session. 

In the business world hands on skills are worth more than having a certification and not being able to do it. Another thing is, no  entrepreneur will willingly hand over their skills without a fee, especially if it is their foundation of business. These are basics that we cannot have “so called entrepreneurs”  now being taught. 

My message today is to be mindful of those in your circle who will do all in their power in attempts to hinder your elevation, just know they cannot. Note also, that someone who has the time to even do so cannot be doing good in business, otherwise they will have focused on their responsibilities. 

So I recommend using your free time to elevate and not attempt to segregate and you will be more successful. You cannot break what you did not build.

God Bless !

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