How dependant are you?

Know how to adapt & adjust, don’t allow “dependency syndrome” to cripple you

Written by Kande Murray on June 05th 2020

The rhetorical question is geared towards us doing a self check regarding our ability to function even when pushed out of our comfortzone.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we will be able to still stand, and endure all situations, if we are weaned from whatever is our support system at whatever level we are at in our lives. It is not an easy task, so I can guess some will say no to this.

The reason this was brought up is because not everyone has the priviledge to even have a support system in the first place, and it also means you are stronger than the ones who are allowed those priviledges, because in most cases the ones who have things harder are the ones who will make it further, than the “pampered ones”, who enjoy the comforts of being told how to complete every task, how and where to invest, what decisions to take in major situations/life in general. This type of dependency is similar to how a child will feel much more comfortable in their mom’s arms to nurse, so may not want to explore his/her ability to use a bottle even when they have matured to the point of this ability. So this comfort will have to be denied at some point for them to develop themselves.

This is why though love” is also important. I know quite a few success stories that all derived from though situations and it is because these are the times we are at our strongest so our best potential is projected as we seek upward mobilization. I personally do not feel dismayed that throughout my life I was always given a “raw deal” at almost every stage of development in one way or the other and this mantains. Yet this has never discouraged me from pressing to the mark of fulfillment of my Dreams and Visions, which will all be Honoured by Faith.

It also takes a really Good Mentor to get us to thrive on our own anyhow, because if we are not under a one who is willing to push us out on a limb a bit so that we can develop our abilities, we will not even discover our capabilities and potential.

I never regret not deing handed a “golden spoon” in life, else I won’t have any experience today to bring to the table. Besides, what is it to be handed everything, when Faith will allow you to thrive under any circumstance.

So thank the Lord for the Grace to shine under any circumstance.

Hope this message blesses and encourages you, into pushing past your obstacles.

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