My Best Friend

Is the LORD

Written by Kande Murray on 07th June 2020

He is a Teacher, Counsellor, Comforter, Companion and Director of my Paths.

I have never met anyone more patient than the person of the Holy Spirit, as he will not get frustrated with us for being our imperfect selves. This is because He made us and the guiding angels whom he set before us daily, already knows us inside out so can relate without judgement. You will not know till you know, that is the best way to put it.

If you do not understand things of the Holy Spirit, I can imagine this blog may set raised eyebrows on your face. 

I can also imagine how much you are missing out on also if you do not know the Lord and  the Holy Spirit. I say this because there was a time I also did not know the Lord like I do today and being lost, sought friendship in people only. I am not saying that it is bad to have friends, but if we are following someone or a cleake who is not following the Lord, then where are we going?

Some may wonder, why Christians like myself are always preaching and do not leave people to live in sin, instead of encouraging them to seek shelter in the Lord.The answer is because when the Spirit of the Lord is upon you, which is of Love, Peace, Joy and Unexplained Favour, you will want everyone you care about or come in contact with to experience this also, and your heart will have enough room to accommodate as many as possible, because this is the Holy Spirit working through you.

In addition, there will be tough times in the Christ walk, at your Crucifixion moments, and those looking in from the world, even some in the kingdom would try to chastise at those moments, not understanding this is how the Lord will also get his Glory to shine among all men by bringing you through. Nothing the Lord allows us to face in the journey to Heaven through him preparing us while in the earthly realm, can compare to burning in hell till eternity with no way to escape. So there is no comparison. 

Besides when the Lord shows you how beautiful Heaven is, like he did to me, you will not want anywhere else to be your final destination and this enables you to endure the sacrifices of serving the Lord, so that you can be blessed to the fullest.

This message is to encourage you to open up your lives and your heart to the Lord. Allow him to speak to you daily, with a clear voice, and to guide you. Surrender yourselves to him and allow him to use you to do his will. There is no shame in standing for the Lord and the Gospel.  

God Bless you all.

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