The important Parents

Are your Spiritual Parents

Written by Kande Murray on May 29th 2020

No matter who you are, where you originated from or where you plan on going in life, you cannot get there without the guidance or foundation of parenthood.

We are all born into this world due to the sinful acts of your biological parents whom we love so much, which is why it is so important to have Spiritual Parents who will now give us a new life that is sanctified onto the Lord, by being born of the spirit under their covering, then guided into a spiritual life. So we ought to love them equally as they play one of the most important roles in our life.

Just as how we cannot choose our biological parents, we also cannot choose our Spiritual Parents as the Lord himself will appoint us after his own heart. We can mess up our entire lives trying to choose our own Spiritual Parents or attempting to live life without one. You will be incomplete, and there is no way around it.

Those that the Lord have blessed with both biological and Spiritual Parents within one being, will be able to testify what a blessing this is, because that would definitely be, completion.

There is no way you can live life to the fullest without the spiritual guidance of your Spiritual Parents, who will train your ear to Gods voice, direct your ways into his direction and feed us with all the knowledge and spiritual food we need to fine tune our Christian walk, on which there is fullness of joy. 

How do you find your Spiritual Parents and those who are under the care of somebody else’s own, how do they find their own. It is simple, if you are close to the Lord by fasting and praying he will send you to your Spiritual Parents house, or they will seek you also. Everyone will have their own unique story to tell on how they came across their Spiritual Parents. No matter what is your Journey, seek your spiritual covering, or you will be living your life in rebellion which is a curse. Think about it, if you are living a curse, you cannot be blessed so do the math.

My book [Journey to Christ] will include the details as to how I found my Spiritual Parents, and I can assure you that had I not heeded Gods direction, so that he can fulfill his purpose for my life through my Spiritual Parents I do not know what I would have been doing right now, but I can say for sure you would not have been reading this blog.

The role of Spiritual Parents in you life is so important, not to put down our parents in any way but this type of guidance is something we need to understand more in depth. Without this level of counsel, Pastoral covering and impartation we are not who the Lord has Designed us to be, not a true original Design but living another life as an “imitation” so to speak.

Some may want to argue by saying, well the Lord made me in his image and likeness, yes he did but what about the “purpose” and the “promise” that comes with fulfillment of the purpose, he created you for? This is what the guidance of Spiritual Parents is for, to “fine tune” and direct you towards your DESTINY DESIGN.

So go “Get Designed” in this context.

There is mothers day and fathers day, but what about Spiritual Parents day? It is an important day that needs to be added to the calendar.

I cherish my Spiritual parents Rev Dr Winston Cuffie and Pastor Angela Cuffie, and I am thankful for my Pastoral Covering and grateful for the spiritual direction and impartation of anointing, so that God’s gifts can manifest in my life as they have been, and I can fulfill God’s purpose for my DESTINY DESIGN life.

If you do not have Spiritual Parents seek to find yours today because you may not know it so I am telling you, your life is incomplete. No matter how prayed up you think you are you still need a Pastoral covering. No matter how non religious you may be, you still need a Spiritual Parent. No matter if you are full of broken emotions due to void of parenthood or whatever may be your struggle there is completion in seeking God’s Design for your life, and he will use your Spiritual Parents to guide and protect you from the wiles of the enemy.

Hope this message encourages and blesses you.

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See you soon !

God awesome and Richest Blessings upon you and yours.

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