Don’t be like the “Runaway Bride”

Face it !, No matter how though it looks

Written by Kande Murray on May 30th 2020

Life sometimes will present situations that will cause you to feel the need to run without looking back just like a Bride who leaves everyone hung up in attention at the alter.

Whether it is a nerve wrecking job situation, a meeting that is not going how you planned, a family dispute, a particular zone that have you feeling uncomfortable or an exam that appears to be more than you can handle. It does not matter, whatever it is keep yourself committed and seek guidance from above.

Going to the next level in whatever you do or seeking a breakthrough in whatever you are faced with, will not always be easy, but if you look at it like this you will muster up the strength to carry on through thick and thin.

Look at how much Jesus endured on the cross for our salvation and now his name is forevermore. Lets just say for instance if he came off his cross and ran away there would not have been a BIBLE today. Which is why we need to take into consideration when challenges that leave you feeling to RUN appears, remain steadfast and committed allowing ourselves to make root so that we can turn in to a towering tree and flourish.

Romans 6:5 For if we have been planted together with him in the likeness of his death we shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection.

Basically, even if the situation appears to crucify you, running is not an option. Stick to the call as we are supposed to and follow through because there will be a time of resurrection in that same situation and you will have the victory.

After all Lazarus was dead four days, stinking in the tomb and in an instant the Lord through his son Jesus Christ restored his breath of life. [John 11:43] This same power still exists today and we are all privileged to tap into it when we face those situations that makes us feel like we need to RUN.

However you will have to be humble and not allow the situation to get you to display wrath as you will deny yourself the turnaround blessing.

Stay with it and follow through ! If you were chosen for a task or whatever type of situation it is, this means you have what it takes.

God Bless!

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