Fuel up and claim your charms

Because once you pass one stage you cannot return to do that

Written by Kande Murray on May 30th 2020

It would be cliché to say “do not get caught in the rat race”, so I will prefer to say; enjoy every stage in life and do not be only focused on where you are going, instead just enjoy where you are at now and embrace every step of the ladder.

If not, I can dare to imagine how you can easily feel like a character in a video game who has passed one stage and cannot go back to claim his charm or fuel up for the level he is at now. This is why it is important to max out one level as much as possible before going to the other, it will determine your ability to pass through the next level also. Different stages comes with different regulations, and as you reach further along the game gets tougher. The inability to max out the current level can hinder you from qualifying for the next level and your game can be auto restarted or end abruptly.

It is like going to a strange restaurant and tasting a new menu that you are having for the first time. Not that the food is not good at that new place but you may miss your old menu which may not be available there. So always thank the Lord for the stages and the Journey, and enjoy it as much as possible.

Ever wonder why interviewers are trained to ask how was it in getting there? The answer is because making it through the experiences of the different legs of the race is worth much more than the finish line. Often times people loose sight of the stages and are so focused on the finish line. Finish line moments do not last long, it is a few seconds of flashing lights and fame then it is over and life as usual, whereas the steps that took you there will be a valuable story to recount for years. So why do we try to make the finish line the main focus?

Think about it, the life lessons we share with our children are not the finish line moments only but more about how each leg or stage was in getting there so they can be guided through their life accordingly.

So lets revalue the importance of enjoying the “pitfalls”, using the time to make memories and fuel up for the stages ahead. Always have the ability to enjoy where you are at at and make the best out of it. Be resourceful and have that priceless peace on every leg or stage.

Enjoy life !

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