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On a “PEOPLE CENTERED” foundation

Written by Kande Murray on May 30th 2020

This is the only way you will remain with a consistent, continuous flow of success. Networking, communication and customer feedback are the three most important factors to get any establishment off the ground and keep it afloat.

We have to remember the oldest philosophy in the book as regards to our services and goods provided, which is the Customer/Client pays your salary. Yes you are the owner but you do not pay yourself, they do. They are the ones who will determine if you remain afloat, and expand. The Customer/Client plays the biggest role in our businesses, and once we value them we will be unstoppable.

Word of mouth, referrals and ratings, are much more valuable than any type of advertising. People can look at an advertisement and because there is no connection, no matter how attractive it is they will not fall for it and just because they know someone in their circle who is really nice and easy to relate to they will much rather to do business there, knowing they will reap heart work which has more value. At the end of the day nobody wants to spend money where they are not going to be treated with respect.

You also have to be aware to treat persons equally, as you do not want to give the impression that you only serve or cater for a “particular crowd”. So it is very important to value everyone and try to put yourself in their shoes whilst dealing with them, this make it easy to see through their eyes. This also means that our personal standards and things we accept will also reflect in the service and goods we provide, and our standards will not be higher than that. Which is why we have to also maintain personal standards and etiquette.

Another important factor in business is the “follow up”. Never allow someone to feel like you took their money as a “one off” sale and no longer care about them, until the time for another sale from them. This is dangerous and you will not get far with these standards. There must be continuous communication at least to a level, because building relationships is what will count in the long run.

Action speaks louder than words, don’t sell a dream then serve them a walk in hell. They will do all in their power to ensure everyone knows, because bad news gets around faster than good news.

This does not mean to be overly friendly but is does mean that every one you communicate with on the level of marketing, networking and expansion keep quality respectable relationships and most importantly a spirit of humility and willingness to serve them.

We are all in business to SERVE someone, no matter what we do. That’s why it is called SERVICE.

Lastly, and most importantly, never dam the bridge you cross. So moving from one paradox to another has to be done with dignity.

I will share this tip wit you…there is never a job that I left and cannot return to, as in the past I have returned to companies when the need arose and I will always operate in a way that such a window will always be left open. I remember one time being four months pregnant and returning for my clerical position and I obtained it by the following day at a location closer to home, so did not have to go all the way to Port-Of-Spain.

This is the same way we need to operate when dealing with Customers/Clients, always treat them in such a way that when we return to them to promote what’s new, we will not be met with a Jericho wall but instead they will also want to get back on board with us and continue seeking our services.

If you are not PEOPLE CENTERED well my advise to you is choose a field that does not allow you to deal with nor serve people at at. When you find such a field you can feel free to share your thoughts and experiences. I am not sure that any exist.

Every conversation will not be always awesome, but it does not mean we are not, nor is the person on the other end any less. Take care stay Bless !

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