Protect yourself from the PERPETRATOR !

I don’t mean the “COVID-19”

Written by Kande Murray on May 31st 2020

The Perpetrator will follow you around for years until the he gets the right time to strike, or he will even do so at the most unorthodox moment.

Who is the Perpetrator? A Satanic Spirit! He is not physical and is very manipulative in entering the bodies and minds of persons around us using them to do his will, so we have to be careful who we surround ourselves with. Our own minds can also be affected, so we have to very carefully guard our minds and thoughts especially in a time like this with COVID-19, where he will have ample opportunities to enter lots of lives bringing his contrary spirits of depression, obsession, oppression and his list of mess for your life. So be aware of the season we are in yet focus on the positive aspects of it.

No matter who you are once you have the breath of life, salvation or not, there is a perpetrator assigned to you. Whether you are doing good or bad in terms of success, academia and all of life’s benefits, whatever the case may be this does not change.

What is his motive? To see you fail, and to have a negative impact on your life in as much areas as possible, mind body, health, wealth, peace, joy and every other area, so protect yourself.

How to protect yourself from him? The only way is to receive the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, be under the right Pastoral covering, humble yourself by prayer and fasting and submit yourself under the mighty hand of the Lord in every way possible.

The angels of the Lord will protect you wherever you go, even when you are asleep but if you do not live your life according to the will of the Lord those angels will not be able to follow and protect you as your spirit will reject them by your ways, words and deeds. So be careful.

Walk in all honestly, operate according to the Love of Christ even when you feel afflicted, constantly seek him by prayer and supplication and most importantly seek your Heavenly Treasures.

The Perpetrator distributes his spirit by fear, so the best way to keep away his spirit of destruction is to Have Faith.

Have Faith, Stay Strong and Stay Blessed.

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