Lets go up to Goat Mountain

Forget the “critics”

Written by Kande Murray on June 01st 2020

Critics are just a bunch of unhappy people who is clearly envious of you and in most cases they have already guesstimated that you are going to make it very far so they are attempting to side tract your attention to slow you down. Do not slow down your progress to pay attention to nonsense, keep focused and press to the mark of your High Calling. If you are appointed it is because you are anointed for the task and that’s it. Keep your ear inclined towards the precious voice of the Lord, and ensure there is no static on the line when he is talking to you, and stand firm for what you believe in, while executing your mission for success.

There will always be critics no matter what you do, so pay them no mind. Give your ear, attention and reply to what is much more important like a “worthy cause”. This is something I took very long to understand but I am glad I acknowledged this fact before it is too late because I would have been dismayed from taking my leap into greatness to my own demise.

The only way people will not talk about you is if you are a non entity. Are you? Who wants to be, so rejoice when you hear the chattering.

As the saying goes; Great Minds talk about ideas, and small minds talk about people. So keep your greatness and do not belittle yourself with defile thoughts and and words which will only cause you to end up in a pit.

The Lord is also watching to see if you will endure for his sake or fall into the same slumber with the rest.

So keep Goal Oriented, focused on building Dreams and Visions, breaking generational curses.

Keep climbing, we are heading up to “Goat Mountain”

Who is with me?

Let’s go UPPP !

Stay awesome, Stay Focused, Stay Blessed.

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