Is this your forum?

Then Why so much noise!

Written by Kande Murray on June 01st 2020

Seriously !

We need to first figure out if this is our forum sometimes. I am not trying to imply that you will not have something intellectual to say outside of your field or scope of business but ensure it is professionally executed otherwise you will be just adding to the noise on social media and there is ALREADY ENOUGH.

Social media is basically broken down in three categories; Section [1] Clowns and Comedians trying to go viral and pass on some laughs, which is fineSection [2] Business Professionals and Executives trying to promote their Business, Brands and Worthy Social Causes, and Section [3] Persons who just wants everyone to see that they took a bath today, put on some new clothes and is still on the map.

When we come across something that resonates with us it is fine to like it and polite to leave a comment, but the choice is yours.

On the other hand, it is not alright to be leaving unpersonalized data all over the place which will most likely go unnoticed, and obstruct those seeking Constructive Content.

Let me reiterate for you, if for example a worldwide social situation goes viral, it does not mean we need to share content INDIVIDUALLY on it especially if we cannot geneuinely relate and have not faced the the particular circumstance ourselves. That time and energy can be geared towards building your brand instead, although if we were affected or wish to support the cause at hand, we can politely leave an uplifting comment supporting our personal view on the matter, and this should be done at the source or medium from where the varial content derived, if not Just Keep Scrolling.

I suggest at this point, with all the extra internet traffic there should be a proper Social Media Act set in place with Legal Implications,to limit the unsecessary and reppetitive content. This should be broken down in plain form so it will be clearly understood to persons of all different levels and calibars.

Lets ensure when we share content, it comes from our hearts. Agreed?

Subscribe and keep sharing. Lets tone down the noise a notch !

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