How do you feel?

Written by Kande Murray on November 28th 2021

When we express ourselves, whether we write, speak or draw what is in our hearts are displayed.

If you are dishonest, honest, sincere, unsure, angry, happy or plain simply void it will be depicted when we express ourselves.

One sentence, one image, one word out of your mouth says a lot.

There are things that cannot be hidden, although it takes the discernment of the Holy Spirit to be able to read and interpret other things.

I remember being in art class some years ago and after everyone completed their projects the art instructor would walk around and look at everyone’s piece, then he would tell you something very relatable about yourself, and he very wittingly encouraged you to radically apply paint to your canvas. He would keep saying that it does not have to be perfect, then when you are done he would say “na ! you can do better than that man” giving you more time and encouraging you to give more to the project. 

The end result is always based on how much you give/input.

It took me several years to understand that there is no wrong or right way to express yourself, because what is in your heart will come out regardless.

The inability to express yourself says a lot also, it says that you may not necessarily want to be understood, because we are all born with the natural ability to express ourselves, everyone on a different level.

In addition, when you are happy doing a particular thing you will always master it, because Passion will allow you to keep going till you get the best out of the task.

Love what you and most importantly ensure you feel great always because how you feel affects everything.

Blessings !

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