The Lord is the remover of obstacles

Written by Kande Murray on June 30th 2020


This may sound like some sort of nonsensical statement, but let me explain…

We can come to the Lord to solve and sort out situations but he will create a difficult situation for you also in preparing you for a higher calling.

It is just like as a parent we can do everything for you children when they call on us to do so or even voluntarily, but this will not allow them to develop or discover their full potential.

So if something is not going your way it does not mean that the Lord has ignored you. He sees and knows more than we can imagine, so take that thought out of your head.

He is trying to allow you to tap into that inner ability that you have because he wants you to develop on it. 

You may feel like it is the “same song and dance again”, and the tune is old… the Lord knows this also knows that you have danced to this tune several times and yes it is old so you already know how to maneuver which is why he will appear to turn a blind eye.

He is also testing your ability to serve under different situations because when you are being prepared for the “battle field” it will be rigorous sometimes as there will be moments you will need to apply the ability that he has pushed you into.

Just a gentle reminder… there is nothing that the Lord does not know or see. So dearly beloved you are just being tested. Not every trial means to say Satan has a hand, rather the Lord is preparing you to go against Satan’s best plans so will create alike situations. 

In an examination room the instructor cannot walk around by each student rendering assistance just as how you are accustomed raising your hand to get the teachers attention for every question and he/she comes to your attention. Rather, in this instance your ability is being tested and you will have to show that you have retained all that was thought up to this point so that you can graduate.

There is also graduation and elevation in the Kingdom, so when you feel like you are being tested maybe it is because you are…so you ought to just remain focused and apply all that you have been taught up until this point.

I know this message will speak to someone, because even if you are not a Kingdom child you will be able to relate in your worldly experiences on some level. Everyone is tried and tested eventually, whether you have purpose, is not a factor because we all have purpose. Unfortunately, some people just go to their grave without discovering their purpose, whereas others’ purpose may be to act as “human obstacles”. They are fulfilling theirs so fulfill yours regardless !!!

It is a reminder to trust the Lord in any circumstance and in any situation and allow his spirit to guide you because he is not going to answer every question and show you everything. 

You may be in the examination room so to speak, so  tap into the resources you have internally and apply it. You may feel like a one man army but you are never alone because his spirit dwells within you.

God Bless and stay awesome !

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