Leadership is an Oath

Written by Kande Murray on July 05th 2020

Leadership is more than just being in charge. It is much more intense than just giving instructions and directives. 

We are called to allow information to flow through us onto others, and have to be able to decisively measure what is to be retained from what can be distributed also knowing to whom and when. This responsibility is bigger than we think, which is why I look up to my Leader as previously mentioned. 

Leadership takes discipline, maturity and strength.

This portfolio also requires compassion and deep caring which will also enable you to push others to their potential. 

It does not matter Age, Gender or Class…being a Leader requires Wisdom along with the ability to Follow, Listen and be Patient. You will also be required to be fair and well rounded.

Being given the opportunity to lead others is a blessing, which after you accept becomes an OATH, that you are bound to and it can be really dangerous trying to shy away from such a call.

Nobody said it will be easy but once we know how to Follow whilst Leading then it will be a smoother Journey. 

One thing to remember is that you will not be given the opening to lead if you do not have what it takes, so whether you are doing so on a small or a larger scale just keep developing your “Skill Set” and apply the knowledge as you go along.

God Bless our Leaders !

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