Are there voices in your head?

Written by Kande Murray on June 23rd 2020

There are only supposed to be the voice of the Lord in your head and unfortunately we are also allowed to hear the voice of the enemy’s workers.

The Lord allows us to also hear the enemy’s workers, so we can decisively choose to follow God’s voice and will be able to know the difference. The Spirit of discernment will allow us to know the difference.

If you have a Special Spiritual Gift from God, then you will also be able to hear other voices. You will be able to hear people’s thoughts past and present, and also their words from miles away. This gift allows you, along with other signs and wonders from above to be able to minister directly to persons if you are a Pastor.

The voice of the Lord will give you instructions, and will also chastise you. In your Spiritual and other development the Lord will give you an instruction then chastise you after for following that same instruction. It is called being obedient unto death to the Lord, although others looking at you and your actions which are guided by prophetic direction will perceive you to be mad. Not everything has to be told to everyone, nor is it necessary to worry about what people think once the Lord knows you are obedient.

How many of you think you will be able to handle this? Not many I will guess, but if you are chosen for a particular purpose in God’s Kingdom, he will prepare you to be able to withstand.

Some of you may also hear God’s voice but are not trained to know it is his voice so will say “I just got a vibe to do this”, referring to the choice made in a particular situation, when the Lord was guiding you.

There are different ways the Lord can speak to you, like via dream stage, or at any time during your day/ night whilst you are awake and going about your business you will be able to have a conversation in your mind. There are angels set in place to transpire these messages, and this level of communication can only take place if you are Born of the Spirit [Baptized].

The enemy does not have the ability that the Lord has so will only be able to use familiar spirits to transpire messages. For example, you will hear the voice of a friend or relative saying something, and this will be something bad Satan is trying to trick you into doing, hoping to get you to believe it is the Lord’s will, when this is not of God. So be careful. Satan can also engage you in negative dreams to try and instill fear in you so that he can get you to do something bad in attempts to lead you into destruction. These are important things to note.

It is very important to know the voices in your head and to have the ability to decipher.


God Bless you !

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