What is your art?

Every form of art is an expression & visualization of what [Ideas, thoughts, & feelings] is in the mind at the point of transmission.

Written by Kande Murray on May 25th 2020

Being an artist or designer is basically having the ability to depict a particular message or express an idea without any words being used.

Although a caption of words will compliment your content as not every one has the ability to read art.

Photography is similar because an image of someone can very clearly send a message to the viewer releasing an idea of what type of mood was set at the time the photo was taken as well, it can give a very accurate summary of the person upon one glance of the photo.

Also, the different situations in which particular photos are used will speak about character and display of how they view themselves.

I can only imagine how interesting the job of a talent acquisition manager is especially in cases when someone presents a CV/Portfolio has a photo attached releasing a particular image of the them, then the worded body of the letter suggests someone else, and finally, after meeting them and speaking to them in person via interview a third image of character shows up.

There would also be times I would imagine that a totally different character can be revealed on a second or third interview which I would guess is the reason that interviewing someone is such a lengthy process at some companies, establishments and organisations.

We call it “mood”or “schizophrenia”, when they just have more image displays than the average person.

I can definitely see myself being able to fill the function of a talent acquisition manager any day or surely enjoy the hiring process at my own company Purple Rain Designs when the time for expansion comes so I look forward to it. Being an artist gives me the ability to understand artistic personalities.

Someones mind is just like a work of art that cannot express the same image every time they show up, just as how every painting, photograph, song, letter, book or poem from a particular artist is never the same. If it were so, life would be boring.

For instance, one child you have may be academically inclined and the other has an unusual incline for sports or something totally different. We are each our own canvas.

This is why, a particular situation will provoke someone to do their best whereas the same situation will bring out the worst in someone else. This can only be controlled by the heavens.

If you ask me every human is a work of art in their own way, just as some may not able to appreciate a particular style of art, it is the same way someone may not cling to certain personalities and will not see the value in someone who is not like themselves.

Life is like a beautiful display of art, and we just have to be able to accept art for what it is in every different form, and if it is not your style just leave it for someone else who will see the value in it and will be willing to pay a fortune for it in the context which I am speaking.

For instance, ten people can look at one painting or design and each person will give you a different feedback because they all saw and interpreted a variety of concepts, because all minds are not the same.

Which is why, if you have an appreciation for every form of talent you will be able to also understand behavioral patterns and will have a joy in working with

extraordinary personalities”

So the question is, what is your art?

I will love your comments on this one.

My answer is, my canvas is huge with lots of exciting colours, including those you have never seen before.

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