Is arrogance the best option? Really!

Written by Kande Murray on May 24th 2020

Some people believe a credential for discussion on leadership matters has to do with how financially endowed you are but this is not true.

It is not my attempt to put down anyone but, the best leaders came out of poverty and very trying situations in life. Their experiences and hardships in climbing up the ladder is what molded them into executing their function with heart and not arrogance, especially if their joy is in seeing others develop around them. I know a lot will be in mutual agreement with this.

Basking in ignorance expressing joy in trying to instill fear in those you are privileged to take charge over is despicable in my opinion, however I wish those best of luck in getting persons to stay under their charge for lengthy periods of time.

I completely agree with what was shared recently by someone in my social media circle in their own words, saying that a leader who values and appreciates those under their charge will get better results from their team, rather than one who is autocratic and arrogant on top of it.

This is my personal perspective also, so I will add to it in agreement, because I am the type person who will work late everyday of the week and go beyond the call of duty in several ways not paying attention to the clock but if there is a continuous display of ingratitude from those who hold senior positions in the organization you can bet I wont be around for long, and I will just clock my exact hours daily and leave without a minute later than I should be there. Therefore this will be taken into sincere consideration when I am graced with the opportunity to lead others, having walked in the shoes of an employee for many years and knowing what it feels like to be fed with dogmatic behavioral patterns called “leadership”.

Just to highlight, this is not because I need to be praised for my work but it is tiring to be pouring out your heart at anything and meeting unpleasing attitude in return with no thanks, which is why I will choose to be in a peaceful environment over a hostile one any day.

Besides, creative energy cannot flow or thrive if a hostile environment is maintained, so a true leader will do all in his/her capacity to ensure a peaceful work environment, at least those bent on expansion and welcoming new ideas and development.

Putting people against each other in my opinion is not the best way for your organization to thrive, unless you profession is “wrestling, but instead promoting a team spirit and encouraging everyone to respect each others desks and work in cohesion with each other.

This is the spirit in which I intend to uphold and maintain in my efforts to take PURPLE RAIN DESIGNS in an upwardly mobile direction.

It is also my opinion that someone who feels they need to dominate and operate using fear driven tactics and schemes is really weak inside because if you are a good leader you should not need to use fear which is a device of the enemy and not of the Lord.

So be careful of the type of leadership you choose to follow, or speaking to those leaders who operate like this, I suggest you restructure you CV removing the arrogance, and revamp your execution of authority, and earn some REAL respect.

Working in any secular work environment will cause you to follow after company policies and a boss yes, unless you are the Boss this is understood, but you are within all your rights to reject a situation that is not flourishing your creative flow, else you will be stuck in one seat and one office all your life.

We all will like to be taken places and not remain dormant, but we need to acknowledge the fact that how we treat people can play a major role in how far we reach.

A good word about your character is priceless !

It is understood that there are times we will be required to be though in the work environment, but it can never be our priority to create unnecessary hostility.

However, if you desire employees without heart and do not also intend to treat those under your charge with “heart leadership” you should get ROBOTS and you will not need to pay benefits, [referring to those companies that still do so].

I hope you can see the value in this blog and take heed in areas that you believe you may need to.

Have an awesome day ahead and kindly share within your circles, especially with those whom you believe my need to hear it.

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