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Pent up emotions will backfire on you

Written by Kande Murray on May 23rd 2020

Ever wonder why mental health is like a phenomenon?

It is something society looks upon it with a frown because people do not want to be associated with this topic at all. I myself had some inception before writing this blog, and found myself attempting to reject the instruction of the Holy Spirit to do before I began.

The main cause of mental health and depression issues is the fact that people are not expressing themselves and releasing the emotions that cause this, so they can set their minds and their spirits free.

Any and every strong emotion need to be released. Love, Hate, Anger, Sorrow , Joy whatever it is, they all need to be expressed in one way or the other, as the brain and nervous system were not designed to retain more than a certain amount of these emotions which is why people get nervous and mental breakdowns. You can do your human behavioral research, and information will show the statistics.

People can be looked at funny for expressing themselves openly in certain situations, although they are just protecting their own body by venting at the same moment the need arises. I know this for a fact, and the reason I have never lost my mind is because I have learnt to express myself no matter the situation and I do not suffer with “false pride” which is actually the bigger issue, because this condition does not allow persons to be open and expressive therefore keeping in a dangerous amount of emotions and trying to release in the wrong areas when the tension builds up.

I am not promoting violence but I remember getting very upset in the workplace with colleague who kept constantly provoking me over a period of time and I vented on her getting all of what I wanted to tell her off my chest in an instance, after weeks of built up torment from her. If every issue was addressed as it arose this build up and explosion of emotion would not have taken place at all. Only because of my Christian nature I did not use expletives or violence on her instead I hit the desk several times in my fury, but this point was drawn to show how important it is to scream when you need to. Laugh or cry when you need to and hit objects when you need to, because this is how you will keep your peace of mind in the long run.

NB: Every action has a reaction.

Express yourself when and how you feel you need to. This has worked for me till today. We can be as diplomatic about it as possible, although some situations will call for a radical release. Protect your mind and your sanity.

If your are concerned about what people will say let me tell you this, they will talk also and even worst when and if you loose your mind especially if they are the ones that were working tireless in trying to get you to do so. You can never loose by expressing yourself, whether you are a writer, a singer, a speaker or even if you do not have a platform or medium to be heard or seen, wait till your monthly boardroom meetings has open floor, or you are in staff/shift meetings, toolbox meetings whatever the case may be. Vent with a relative, record your own video, face a wall and get it out, do what you have to. There is always a way and if we can realize this and act on it, society will be a better place.

There will be less road rage, and hurt people walking around seeking means to vent if they do not channel it through the relevant avenues as should.

Not only that, there are insensitive people who are heartless and seek to purposefully provoke persons to their breaking points and get a kick out of the reaction from them. I speak here from experience.

Some of us call ourselves leaders but we are not good listeners. How can you lead when you cannot air peoples concerns?

Be the one to air someone’s concerns today, you do not have to be a trained counselor or leader, instead just an good citizen/listener.

I hope this message blesses you.

Have a extra awesome day/night !

Share, share, share.

People pay mental health therapists thousands of dollars to hear messages like this, count your blessings.

I thank God for the experiences so I can share.

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