What is the “acceptable time?”

Written by Kande Murray on May 22nd 2020

It is not a fixed time, neither is it the same time for everyone.

Did you ever find yourself wondering when are your going to get your breakthrough in life? When will you “level up” so to speak !

Have you not tried to implement several different business plans and ideas and not one of them has materialized till today, or at least were not successful in the way you would have liked?

It can also be your dream spouse that your are awaiting and you feel like the wait it is forever. I am sure a vast majority can relate.

You can be waiting to start your own family, get your own home…for opportunities to travel or maybe just for the salvation of your friends and family that you have been believing for.

Or, you could have been waiting years for your dream job or a promotion at your current job and in an instant someone comes in a fills the seat just at the same time the vacancy opens, leaving you to wonder why you were not granted the opening.

I am sure you have asked yourself why?

Did you not consider that they maybe they have faithfully endured their process and their time has now come.

This time can also be referred to as a “Swift Shift” for those who are exempted from the entire process, which is a perk only the Lord above can grant us.

The answer is, it is not yet the “acceptable time” for you.

What is the acceptable time, and how long it this waiting time?

Answer is, everyone has a different length of “waiting time,” which is going to take place at different intervals in our lives. It is not something we as man/woman can control.

We do not know how long it will be but we should prepare ourselves during this time without question, as this will play a major role in how far we can go at the appointed time.

I remember trying to start my own business at 24 years old. I met a lady while at a popular ice-cream shop in San Fernando, Trinidad a few years ago, and she told me about Quickstar/Armway, then sold me a dream.

Looking for an opportunity for business at the time, I grasped the idea and went along without seeking any business counsel. I bought the deal, attended every meeting, learnt about the products then spent thousands of dollars from my savings purchasing them with faith, seeking sales for them afterwards, so landed up with lots of unsold items.

This “gig” ended in a disaster for me, as I lost almost all of the money invested only making a few sales. Driving around and meeting new people in radical effort for sales was how I have gained experience in sales and developed courage, although it did not compensate for my vast loss at the time.

Having shared this, my intention is not to put down anyone who may be planning on joining Armway/Quickstar or is currently an IBO there, because maybe, it will work out for you. It just was not my Destiny Design.

Those of you who know me very well can relate how hard and diligent I have worked in the corporate and other environments over the last 13 years plus, serving at businesses and organizations that were not my own, yet investing as much of my time and talent as possible as I made ends meet.

It was always my dream to be a business owner like my dad but it was not the “acceptable time”, for me.

I also dreamed for years, to get married to the man of my dreams, but it was not yet the “acceptable time”, so I had to endure the unpleasing process of the wait without question.

Those of you who know me well or will get an opportunity read my book, [Journey to Christ] which will be published soon, can surely relate, as you will have an idea of some of the things I passed through in my processing time.

When you are in the waiting process the key is to remain dedicated to whatever you are evolved in at the time, but never loose sight and hope of where you will like to go in life. This can play a major factor in how long your “acceptable time” can take to arrive, because during this time you are being prepared for this appointed time that we are referring to.

This is very important, and not something to take lightly because you will not be given something you have not prepared for, just as you cannot pass an exam that you did not study for, in that context. There is no way to avoid facing the trials that will prepare us for this time, and in trying to do so we will only prolong the process.

There is another factor to the “acceptable time”, which is when you are called to make a critical decision for the Lord to come into your life. This is not something to put off otherwise you will miss out on your “acceptable time” indefinitely, disabling your dreams and desires for your life permanently.

If you feel stuck, and believe you are not going anywhere in life, or at least where you want to go, make a decision for the Lord and you will see what can happen for you through his Grace and Mercy because there is NO limitation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is not something I was told or read, my life is living proof of this.

God bless you and have an awesome day !

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