Don’t get caught up

Written by Kande Murray on February 23rd 2021

Do not get so caught up trying to figure out what dress to wear, getting your hair and make up to match your outfit on in your preparation to go to Church that you forget the Master, the Lord through his son Jesus Christ. Do not get caught up being “religious”, that you forgot the sacrifice for your Salvation.

Do not get so caught up chasing dreams and dollars that you forget the Master who woke you up and gave you the ideas for Business and income in the first place. Do not get caught up. Hey, let me remind you that the Master sees everything but he is very patient. He created you and wants you to walk with him. He wants the best for you. 

Do not get so caught up polishing your material things that you forgot the Master who gave you those things in the first place. He loaned it to you, it does not belong to you it is his. He is testing your love for him, he is testing your gratitude towards him, he is testing to see if you care about the things that concern him or not. The Master wants to know if you are willing to earn life’s comforts for one more day. He loves you more than you can imagine but do not wear him thin. 

Do not get so caught trying to appear anointed in the eyes of man that you forget it is the Master is who appoints anointings. You will embarrass yourself by trying to pay your way through God’s process. It is not possible, better than you have tried and it did not work. I can only imagine because we are oh so Vain we can’t help it.

Don’t get so caught up pushing past the past that we forget the trials that took us through the past Past. It is the Master that delivered us from the past so we can now enjoy the present, let’s not forget, and get too caught up.

Do not get caught up acting like you have your own Master, we all have to report to the same Master, the Lord our God through his son, Jesus Christ who paid the price for remission of our sins on the cross in Calvary.

God Bless you, your friends and Family…Do not get caught up.

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