Yes you need a Website

Written by Kande Murray on December 8th 2020

Your Website is so important because it is a Professional Digital Display of your Product, Service or Brand as well a cut above Social Media Posting, which is why it will attract a Business Audience and it is also the best way to keep all your Customer Related data in one place.

It is important to keep your Clientele and Visitors returning to your Website to see what is the latest with your Company, seeking Promotions, Seasonal Sales and more, therefore, consistently updating and upgrading your Website is very important which is why we provide Website Maintenance for only $1,200.00 annually.

If someone visits your Website a few times and has not seen any updates they may most likely assume that your Company or Brand has moved to another Website Address and did not deactivate the previous Website Address which often occurs, therefore you may have lost one viewer which could have been 5 or more Business Deals.

Things like this occur when persons keep Changing their Website Developers and the Standards on the Initial Website Created for your Business / Brand are not maintained or upgraded.

Inclusive of the above mentioned fee, you are also paying for new Creative and Innovative Ideas regarding your Content and overall finish.

We do not want to deviate persons from our Website as an individual, Business Board, or Potential Client may visit your Website consistently for years before making a decision to give your Company or Brand a chance to enroll in a Business deal or Venture with them.

A few ways to keep persons attracted to your Website are to;
> Change Photos and their layouts.
> Colour Play between the Web Pages.
> Updating your Blogs.
> Updating your Vlogs.
> Updating your Online Store.
> Updating your Online Catalogue.
> Adding a new page or new features.
> Removing or Revamping the page that has not been getting any attention.
> Adding a comment Section.
> Engaging visitors in a Survey.

There are so many more awesome ways to keep engagement with your Clientele on your Website which is why it is so important to sign up for your Annual Website Maintenance.

NB: Remember a Website is not a Social Media Account so the Quality of Updates are time consuming yet they play a key role in your Brand Development, so it is not something to sweep under the bus to avoid the expense. It is well worth it. Most Major Business Deals all began by a Website that someone was introduced to to stumbled upon in error right in the time they needed it.

Website are not as costly as perceived to be, and it is worth the investment, so if you do not have a Website for your Business, Company, Brand, Organisation or Personal Business Ventures you should look into it today and PURPLE RAIN DESIGNS will be willing to work with you at your level in order to bring you up to speed, displaying your new Profession.

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