Another Visitation

It was not just a “dream”

Written by Kande Murray on December 03rd 2020

I went to sleep in the morning 3rd Dec 2020, and entered dream stage, I went into the spirit realm.

I left a crowded place where so much was going in with family and before I left my elder sister offered me a drop home but I didn’t take it. I told her I gotta go now before it gets too late. All my immediate family was there.

I then left driving an old vehicle. Only when I reached the main street I realized there were no brakes nor could I send down the drivers glass to get air. My daughter was in the backseat and she was not even strapped in her seatbelt, so I began to panic, because the main street was very busy, there was no option to stop so I kept going.

Then a voice told me to pull left and get onto the grass, so it did. There were shrubs and small obstacles in the grass, and while maneuvering between them the car was not slowing down. I then came to a section where the sea was ahead below the grass. We were on a cliff now.

I swung off the grass into the water so quickly there was no time to deliberate, nor any other option. It was a deep fall into the ocean, while falling I could not see my daughter, and was wondering if the voice was even God’s, there was a moment of doubt, but we kept the Faith, then we landed in deep water, both gasping, I held her in one hand and threaded the water with the other for a while then eventually we reached the shallow. I lay on my back right by the shore and before I opened my eyes I knew my daughter was standing over me. The sun was so bright I saw her silhouette, her hair was messed up. I opened my eyes and hugged her, while crowds of persons who were liming on this sunny beach on looked, some pointing in shock from a distance. They saw the car go down and were waiting to see if we made it. I heard a voice say, “this is your resurrection moment”. I looked back at the car which was still partially afloat and visible behind, in shock, I knew God was the director as we were not bruised nor hurt. While I had the crowds attention the Spirit of the Lord was leading me to get up, testify and Minister to the crowd, a sat there while tears ran from my eyes. A young lady brought two glasses of water for us in crystal clear glasses. After I sipped, I woke up.

This was another visitation from the Lord, the Holy Spirit, but it is the first one I documented.

Glory to God.

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