Written by Kande Murray on June 19th 2020

Womanhood comes in all different sizes and shapes and starts at various ages but what defines a woman is MATURITY.

You can be how OLD, and how BIG but if you are not MATURE then you do not really fall into the category.

Some may want to debate the legal requirement to become a woman. If you are over the legal age it just means that you are an adult. The Journey into motherhood and the corporate environment altogether helps in this process of maturity, although some may have made it into some or both areas and still lack the MATURITY.

A Woman is disciplined and Strong, not wavering at every change of atmosphere, being able to withstand the pressures of life and all discipline tests, whilst striking a balance.

Here’s the best way to test discipline and I know NOT a lot of us can pass this test.

Can you deny yourself by fasting? If so for how long?

Most women will reply, “FAST, why? This is for if you do not have, once I have I will eat and as much as I want to”.

Correct me if I am wrong.

I personally have tested myself into a partial fast for 34 days almost making a full 40 days, using the time to consecrate myself in prayer and dedicate this time to the Kingdom for lost souls to be recovered, so I know I have passed the discipline test and not many can walk in my shoes where this is concerned so I boast.

I am a BLESSED WOMAN who has been receiving constant youth restoration from the Lord regarding my age. I say this because I am in the 3’s yet can still pass off younger than some who are in their 20”s. I am STRONG, SMART, COURAGEOUS, LOVING & DISCIPLINED. Aging fine also because I am fun Loving. I do not allow life to ever get me down because I am VICTORIOUS !

God Bless all the WOMEN today.

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