Happy Mothers day !

Motherhood is Amazing

Written by Kande Murray on May 10th 2020

Motherhood is underrated, from my perspective as a mother myself, it is such a joy and blessing to be chosen for the role of motherhood by the Lord Almighty! It really is.

The journey into motherhood is very interesting and life changing. Every mother will have their own unique experiences to share, before during and after the birth of their child or children that allowed them to hold this very special title.

My journey was definitely interesting, so I am eager to share;

Two months into pregnancy was when I discovered there were a life inside my of me, I was not prepared but filled with an unexplained Joy. Not much had changed at the time, except I began to set a foundation for my unborn who is now three and a half years young.

I never got to experience morning sickness in neither of my trimesters although most pregnant mothers do which is a blessing according to the experiences I heard from others. Neither did I get cravings and sluggishness, which is another “Pregnancy Perk”, so to speak.

My eating habits were normal, having three square meals a day and my daily routine to work and back was also maintained. I was never hit with any particular health issue during my pregnancy and I give God the Glory, for sustaining me and my daughter till today. I was also Pregnant during the “Zika” pandemic and my daughter was not affected in any way by this, although healthcare processionals advised me to abort her and not “take the chance”. As you can see, I sought advise from the Holy Spirit instead and followed through and give God the Glory.

Delivery theater was over very quickly, as she was delivered via “Epidural”…I lay there Praying for the hands and lives of those who were operating for my baby’s delivery, whilst awaiting the mystery of gender to be revealed, then in a moment’s notice they brought her by my face and said…”mummy look who have arrived”…tears ran from my both eyes with Joy as the Glory of the Lord was revealed. A priceless moment that will be cherished forever in my heart.

To this day I remain “Love Struck”, with my baby girl. This type of Love cannot be put into words, and I am so grateful that the Lord choose me to bear her into this world.

Motherhood is Joyous!!!

On the other hand, being a single mother can become challenging at times, because we are not given a manual with instructions of how to address certain circumstances as they arise, yet the Lord always intervenes at the right time to lead and direct which is why it is important to remain in tune with his voice at all times.

I would say also, that a child can only fully understand their parents when they have their own children, and will also value their own mothers much more after having gone through stages into motherhood. So I honor and Bless my mother for having faced the stages to bring me and my siblings into this world.

Motherhood cannot be measured nor compared to anything else.

It is a unique blessing that God appoints us…My heart is warmed to be on this endless journey, and I won’t ever take it for granted.

God’s Richest blessings on all the mothers out there !!!

Exodus 20:12 (KJV) Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

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