P.R.D Foundation


Written by Kande Murray on May 7th 2020

Purple Rain Designs was founded by Kande Murray in 2019, on the 14th December. The Lord through the Grace and Mercy of his son Jesus Christ sealed the VISION and IDEAS for the Production of the first Purple Rain Designs Logo on this day.Moving forward with the Prophetic Guidance and Manifestation of Ideas PURPLE RAIN DESIGNS “took flight” in no time.We are an Authentic Graphic Design Company built with the intention for guiding entrepreneurs into GIVING LIFE to their VISIONS, as we abide in the principle “Be Blessed to Be a Blessing!”We also do Website Development and is currently expanding and exploring other areas of business.The founder has derived from very humble and basic beginnings, which allows her to be very down to earth and easy to relate to. She have applied the Biblical Principle Mat 6:33, which was instilled by her Pastor and Spiritual Father Rev Dr Winston Cuffie, who played the most vital role by providing Spiritual Covering and allowing the Impartation for the Activation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in her life.She takes a firm stand for the Gospel also, having been tried and tested by the Lord over the years, live to give Honour to the Lord for his Grace and Mercy…as he show forth his Glory in the most marvelous ways.

John 13:32, Psalm 34:19.

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